Giovane Boutique


Tucked away within the dense fabric of the Beirut Souks in the Beirut Central District, Giovane, a local boutique with modest dimensions of seven by four meters, is an example of an efficiently organized space within a confined width.

The back wall of the store comprises its changing room, a formerly closed-off nook now open and enclosed with a curtain, as well as a suspended installation of sleek floating shelves and hanging racks below, stretching along the remainder of the wall.

The perpendicular boundaries accommodate a darker wall on one side, where jeans are showcased on hooks below floating shelves illuminated by three spotlights, and a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the opposite side, maximizing the space through an illusion of depth.

The fully-glazed shop window simultaneously integrates a platform for the mannequins, as well as a custom-made seating area.

April 11, 2015